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Murder Mystery Dinner

Eat, Drink, and Be Murdered

March 9th. 2019

The Elk’s Lodge

61 High Street  Pottstown, PA  19464

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Murder Mystery: Eat , Drink, and Be Murdered

Produced by special arrangement with Tonylou Productions, Blooming Grove, PA.”

Audience members will get to cheer and boo as the two feuding families go after each other. Besides Grandma Rose, they’ll meet Conor, Rose’s ruthless son, who runs the distillery; Seamus O’Riley, Rose’s nephew who works as foreman and dreams of taking over; Father Mike O’Riley, a priest with a lot to hide; Kathleen, Conor’s wife who has secrets of her own; Hannah O’Riley, Rose’s bitter, old-maid sister; and Nurse Kelly, Rose’s mysterious caretaker.The plot twists and turns even more when it’s revealed that the cunning Grandma Rose has kept one whiskey ingredient secret all these years. Every week, she goes to the distillery and, behind locked doors, adds the ingredient to the mix.Will Grandma Rose divulge the secret ingredient? And if so, to which family? What are Seamus and Father Mike plotting? Why is Kathleen under Grandma’s thumb? Does Conor have even one decent bone in his body? And who the heck is Nurse Kelly and why does Rose love her so much?Keep your eyes and ears open because someone will meet an untimely death tonight, and it’s up to the audience to solve the crime! Prizes will be awarded to the first people who correctly guess the murder and motive.





 Hot Roast Beef Sandwiches
  Potato Salad

Cash Bar

                                                                                  $45.00   per person
Doors Open at 6:30PM for Dinner. Show starts at 8:00PM