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Murder Mystery Dinner

Eat, Drink, and Be Murdered

March 9th. 2019

The Elk’s Lodge

61 High Street  Pottstown, PA  19464

Contact Lisa @ 610-326-6344

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Donna has always enjoyed anything arts, whether it be the performing arts or fine arts.  Joining the local Philadelphia based Vogue Players as a teen gave her ample opportunity to explore her talent in both areas.

While her love of dancing, acting and singing lander her roles on the stage, behind the scenes, Donna was always busy crafting theatrical props for cast members.  And if you were fortunate enough to be part of the Vogue ensemble while Donna was a participant, then you probably are still the proud owner of one of the hand-crafted keepsakes that she presented to every member of the cast and crew upon completion of a shows running.  

She continues her creative endeavors today with photography, faux painting, furniture restoration, and ah yes, a bit of acting on the side.